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so this isnt what you asked but i need to feel better abt this... last week i was giving my boyfriend a bj and we were going so hard till i puked a little on his lap oh my god it was the worst and i was so ashamed he said that it was ok but i can't stop thinking about it and i don't even want to try again (lol i do but im too scared it'll happen again)

omg… well i’m ngl i do know two ppl this happened too and one never spoke to him again but the other is still dating him. i think if he said it’s cool then u shouldn’t dwell on it bb!! just try to focus on something else for the time being and next time recognize your limits and don’t push urself too far bb!!

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Anonymous said:
I wish I could half as confident as you appear to be. Even ix you aren't, I wish I could be that good at faking it.

i’m p confident in myself it just gets confusing in certain situations i find myself in. no one will ever be 100% confident all of the time but it’s about finding comfort in yourself and knowing u won’t always be completely confident that gets u to a good place. you are good enough and you are important and always fake it til u make it angel XO

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By Eric Gonzalez

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Your outfits are also so great and pretty and I can never do that :(

u totally can!! i mostly just do things i see other ppl rockin that i think looks cool!! just use your surroundings as inspo and do what looks good to u

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you're what i aspire to be when i'm older

god bb this is v sweet but u can be so much more i promise ur gonna KILL IT

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Installation of drawings by David Shrigley at The Gallery Restaurant at Sketch, London. Interior design by India Mahdavi.

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currently somewhere between indifference and “fuck” on the mood scale

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